Amelia was one of the most creative Avid Editors I have come across in my career. She has a great ability to take any type of challenging footage and turn it into a creative masterpiece. I worked with her for two years at DWJ Television and was always impressed with her dedication to making an edit perfect and creative. Amelia always kept the client's request in mind. She also had a great ability to keep the client empowered throughout their edit but could recommend more creative approaches to their final video edit. She really is an asset to any production."
Scott De Angioletti, Assistant Avid Editor, DWJ Television

"A fantastic and creative editor."
Daniel Johnson, President, DWJ Television

"I worked with Amelia closely in post-production at DWJ Television for a year and a half. I and others who worked with her knew her to be a very skillful and highly motivated editor, always happy to share new editing techniques with myself and other editors. She worked with ease in a very fast paced, high pressure environment, and could always be relied upon to help her co-workers when needed. She completed the most demanding projects efficiently and with a high attention to detail. I would be happy to work with her again."
Teale Failla , Assistant Editor/Video Technician, DWJ Television

In my role as CTO, I had worked with her at length in designing and implementing an effective video editing workflow, of which the company still uses today. She has a no-nonsense work ethic, that is hard to come by in today's business environment, and always got her work done on time and with high quality.
Rob Miller, Owner, High Crest Solutions
"I have worked with Amelia Alati for 25+ years, sometimes as a manager with her reporting to me. From about 1980 through February 1991, I was an executive of Planned Communication Services in New York City and she was manager of production and distribution of the video and audio productions the company produced and distributed. When I merged Planned Communication Services into DWJ Television in March 1991, she came along as manager of distribution, but shortly later she began to rise through the ranks at DWJ to become a video and audio editor. I've always found Ms. Alati to be talented, intelligent and organized. She was terrific at overseeing details as a manager of production and distribution, and very creative as an editor. I recommend her highly for any position that can use these attributes she started out with and the skills she's developed."
Andy McGowan, President, PCS Broadcast Services div of DWJ TV
"I have worked with Amelia for many years at DWJ Television and can attest to her skill, creativity and intelligence as an editor. There have been many occasions when Amelia has faced a complicated edit job that would have exasperated even the most experienced editor. Amelia has thrived because along with her creativity and natural talent, she brings a logical and methodical approach to her work. These traits and her ability to focus and concentrate have helped her get through the most difficult assignments. I would also like to point out that Amelia works very well independently, with extremely good attention to detail – an extremely important quality. I have always been able to trust her judgment and appreciate the caliber of her work. I wholeheartedly recommend Amelia for any type of editing work."
Cammy Bourcier, Senior Vice President , DWJ Television
"Amelia edited dozens of video projects for me while we were working for DWJ Television. I really appreciated Amelia's attention to detail--she was always meticulous in her work for me--but I also appreciated her creativity and ability to problem-solve. When there was a challenge during a shoot, we would often joke that we can just "fix it in post," and in fact, Amelia often surprised me with her ability to do just that. I highly recommend Amelia for video editing."
Gerri Kramer, Director of Communications,
"Amelia is a detail oriented editor and she consistently helped me produce great video work, first when I was a client of DWJ's and then again when I was on board at DWJ representing clients. Amelia's ability to accommodate special client requests and get the job done on time, on budget and with a minimum of complications meant I could provide a great product for my clients. I heartily appreciated her work!"
Deborah Genovesi, Owner, Communications Co-Pilot,
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