I am a freelance video editor with fourteen+ years experience in video and audio production and post production, digital editing, linear editing and graphic design.
Five+ years experience in master control as a video technician and assistant editor in a broadcast television environment.
10+ years experience in project management in corporate public relations.
I have edited any number and type of video content, including news and corporate videos, educational series, programs for public television, segments for MSNBC, podcasts, public service announcements, syndicated radio programs, wedding videos, event videos, you name it.
Focusing on the client's goal is my strength and I can easily home in on the message, the story and its target audience.
My main area has been AVID, but I am also well-versed in Final Cut, Motion4 Graphics, Photoshop and Protools.
I can edit in my space or yours. I have recently relocated to Morris County , New Jersey, from NYC, less than a half-hours' car ride. Have MacBook, will travel.
I love new technology, I love editing and I love the web.